“MuKha is an artist who has lived among the indigenous tribes of the Philippine rainforest. An American national, she studied in San Francisco and New York, but it is the energy of the forest that lives in her paintings.

Her abstract works are created from ‘an inner necessity’ of which Kandinsky spoke about in his book “Of the spiritual in art." She works in oils, with knives and palette knives, making incisions and marks onto the canvas, deriving from the life of the forest itself.

She says, “I feel these energies, I take them in, and finally I give form to these energies." Her colors are those of the elements: the blues of the sky, the browns of the earth, greens of the sea, and orange fire like a breath of air passing through it.
The line drawings are sketched with an elegance of landscapes that exist more in the mind than are real – emanating a certain lyricism."

Translated from the French. Reviewed by Julie Charpentier, February 2008 Dernier Nouvels d’Alsace

MuKha (L. Mususa Wiesel) attended the Art Students League of New York in the early 1990s and has since exhibited in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

MuKha’s process involves techniques similar to the creation of music improvisation wherein the artist finds the direction and the images after the paint has been applied to the canvas. Her main influences are the elements: the sky and earth, the sea and air, and the worlds above, below and within.

Born in Zambales, Philippines in 1961, MuKha (the Sanskrit word for "face") spent her childhood between San Francisco and her native province of Rizal, Philippines. She divides her time between Brooklyn and Stockholm, with frequent visits to mainland and Southeast Asia.

[Birth name of the artist: Lilia Suzette Ampaya Reyes; former names include Lizette Reyes and Lizette Dignan; Higaonon tribal name: Bae Mususa Makatabang; Palawan tribal name: Binukot Kabatangan.)